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French Firm Invests $18.5 Million USD in Black Soldier Fly Farm

The Black Soldier Fly has a very bright future, indeed.

Brooklyn Bugs – Coming to Manhattan!

From the culinary artist and master Ento Chef Joseph Yoon, this is one event you do not want to miss. If you are in the NYC area, this is a must attend event.

South Korea Pushes Edible Insects at the Winter Olympics

South Korea is one of the strongest nation-advocates for edible insects.

Cricketlicious Cafe Video: Turmeric Braised Mopane Worms

The live version of episode #16's Cricketlicious Cafe recipe by ChefPV.


Declining Pollinator Population Can Be Reversed

Practical management is all that's necessary according to some researchers.

Video: Ladybug Lovefest

Ladybug Lovefest.

Some Love for Cute Little Jumping Spiders

A little love for Jumping Spiders.

Video: Tiny Peacock Spiders Dancing in Hand

Bug Dancing.


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