Edible Insect Status in Europe 2018

There is confusion in the European markets as to what insects are legal in what countries. Anders Engstrom's chart helps make sense of it all.

Massive UK Food Show to Feature Edible Insects

The power of protein will be the focus, and edible insects will be focused upon.

Edible Termites: Nutritional and Economic Powerhouse

Not only are they a great source of Iron and other nutrients, they also provide income.

Australia Embracing Cricket Powder

Eating bugs Down Under is gaining popularity.

Recipe: Old-Fashioned Oatmeal Cricket Cookies

Old-Fashioned Oatmeal Cricket Cookies.

Infographic Comparing Insect Protein to Beef, Pork, Poultry, and Seafood.

When you consider the benefits of insect farming to our planet's resources, and compare the benefits of insect protein to our bodies with other sources, an answer begins to form.

Soup’s On!

Soup is on!

Thai Villagers Use YouTube Clips to Catch & Sell Edible Insects

Using YouTube clips of Mole Crickets chirping lures in other mole crickets for harvest.

Recipe: Mealworm Challahs

Delicious Mealworm Challah recipe from our friends at MealFlour!