Pollinator Houses aka Bug Hotels aka Insectaries.

You know we love the pollinators here at the Ento Nation. I saw the article and thought “It would make a great Valentines day gift, indeed!” So, here you go.

Don’t know how effective these are, but they are decorative, and claim to serve our pollinating friends by providing habitat.

That’s always a good thing…

This website will show you how to make an Insect Hotel.

The little insect houses come in an array of sizes, shapes and colors that will add whimsy to the garden. And while being just as cute as they can be, they also are practical abodes for the bugs. Holes and nooks and crannies become baby nurseries, lodging and shelter for a variety of insects that pollinate your garden flowers and vegetables.

Click here to read “Show a gardener some V-Day love with a pollinator house” by Mary Reid Barrow for The Virginia Pilot.


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