This comes from “mark b” who feeds his locusts to his bearded dragons.

Photo by Speake Photoghraphy




Disclaimer: There are as many ways to farm bugs as there are bug farmers. The basics are there if you pay attention, but when it comes to farming insects, it is for the most part learn by trial and error, and adapt your own style. We are putting up these types of insect farming videos so that people can get an idea of what is out there, how others farm insects, and glean insight. We are not responsible for your insect farming results due to the information provided in the insect farming videos in our “Farming” section. We simply wish to provide a venue for those who want to share how they farm their own insects. We do not guarantee that the methods and practices used in these instructional videos will work for you. We simply guarantee that someone wanted to teach you how to farm bugs, and we have the video to prove it. 🙂


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