Cowboy Cricket Farms is just growing by leaps and hops. They just recently added a commercial kitchen, and now this.

This really intrigues me, and gets my motor revving! I love this kind of stuff. I think it’s called…innovation.

Yeah, that’s it.

But the question is…does it work? Well, I’m pretty sure James and Kathy Rolin wouldn’t announce that they have a self-contained modular cricket farming system that would allow “even the most novice farmer” to “efficiently raise crickets for human consumption” if it didn’t work.

The unit retails for around $300. Website portal dashboard type set-up and all of that fancy stuff. The whole thing sounds great! Can’t wait to actually see one in action.

Whenever innovation presents itself in the marketplace, it is an indicator that people are out there, working hard every day to try and improve something.

This is a good thing. Click here to read the full press release, here’s the high points:

The system is self contained in a bin that regulates temperature and humidity while also monitoring air quality and maintaining feed and water for the tiny livestock. Aimed at future cricket farmers, the Cowboy Cricket Farms automation system will allow for even the most novice farmer to efficiently raise crickets for human consumption without the large labor expense that has been seen in traditional insect farming…The Cowboy Cricket Farms automated bins are planned to cost less than $300 each and allow for easy and affordable scaling of a farm within their website controlled internet portal. Cowboy Cricket Farms guarantees to buy all of the crickets and frass (cricket poop used for fertilizer) that their partner farms can produce and want to reach 1,000 farms by 2020.

Well, I can get behind that.

Click here to read Cowboy Cricket Farms’ “New Automation System Design Release”.



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