The Alkali Fly. These flies live near very salty lakes, like Mono Lake in California. The water cannot support fish life, so the flies have no predators to worry about when diving down to feed on all the food they could ever want. But we have never known exactly how they successfully dive down into the water to eat until now.

“These quarter-inch-long (6-mm) alkali flies possess specialized traits that let them conquer Mono Lake, scientists found. They are covered in a large quantity of fine hairs coated with special waxes that let them encapsulate themselves in a body-hugging bubble that protects them from water that would doom an ordinary insect.”

From the article: “Scientists Solve the Mystery of America’s Scuba Diving Fly” by Will Dunham for Reuters.

Click here to read the full article at Reuters.

Photo by Floris Van Breugel


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