Fly named after Arnold Schwarzenegger

No kidding, folks. They named it Megapropodiphora arnoldi because of its huge forelegs. It is actually the smallest fly in the world. That we know of…

In fact, it is the world’s smallest known fly, according to Brown, who should know, since he had previously described what was formerly the world’s smallest fly, at 0.400 mm in body length. The new fly, named Megapropodiphora arnoldi, is just a fraction smaller, coming in at 0.395 mm. However, unlike the enlarged forelegs that prompted the naming, the mid- and hind legs appear to be highly reduced, and the wings reduced to tiny stubs.

Photo by Brian Brown.

Read the full article “New ‘big-armed fly’ species named after former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger” by Pensoft Publishers for Science Daily.


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