You can listen to the Cricket Man interview Wendy Lu on the Ento Nation podcast by clicking here. Please, visit our friends at Rocky Mountain Micro Ranch.

…although she’s the state’s only edible-bug farmer, McGill says “more locally raised edible insects are being used in Denver restaurants than in any other city in the nation. One example is her Kentucky-fried cricket snack collaboration with chef/partner Daniel Asher of Boulder’s River and Woods. The KFCs are brined in local buttermilk and then dredged in a mixture of heritage cornmeal (from the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe in southwestern Colorado), salt (from Utah’s Great Salt Lake), and 15 different herbs and spices. Once fried, they really do taste like the Colonel’s secret recipe and “overcome the ick factor for many people,” McGill says.

Read the article “Meet Denver’s First Edible-Bug Rancher” By Laurel Miller for


  1. Is it true that KFC is not allowed to call itself “chicken” anymore bc it’s not actually chicken, or is that just urban legend? Anyway, if that’s true, maybe famous KFC and RMMR KFC not so different, who knows what the C stands for…


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