Two-Spotted cricket
Two-Spotted cricket (gryllus bimiculatus) photo ©Zhang Tao

Japan depends on imports for a lot of its food supply. One entomologist is hoping to change that by farming crickets and processing them into cricket powder.

He also discovered that the flavor of crickets can be improved by giving them fragrant feed, such as dried shiitake mushrooms. Mito has already made his third prototype mass-production equipment, whereby the insects are watered and fed automatically and can also be “harvested” easily.

Click here to read the full article “Crickets are food of the future, says university entomologist” by Takashi Togo for Asahi Shimbun.


  1. I wonder what he considers an improvement in the flavor. The cricket flour I’ve tried so far has a little too much umami taste for me; I wish it were milder so I could sprinkle it on top of foods without making them taste meaty. Odd, since The flavored whole roasted crickets I’ve had don’t taste too meaty to me at all.


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