Many insect species have wide ranges. They owe this either to their mobility as adults, or their adaptability to different environmental conditions. Because of this, lots of insects which are currently threatened by fire can pretty easily fly away and find a new home without much of an issue. Those which die during the fire are often survived by members of the same species living outside the burnt area, and can re-invade once the situation cools off a bit. Make no mistake: a lot of bugs do die during wildfires. Eggs, galls, immobile stages (like pupae) are cooked under most (but not all) circumstances, and some people take advantage of this to control pests. However, some insects, like those living at the tops of trees, inside trees, or deep underground do survive.

Read the full article “Los Angeles is Burning: So What’s Happening to the Bugs?” by Polistes fuscatus for “Ask an Entomologist”.


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