Our friend Anders Engstrom from Bug Burger interviewed some Finnish beekeepers who are finding a place in the edible insects market for drone bee larvae …

Anders: How much drone bee larvae do you harvest each year?
Vertti: This year was the first one that we tried to harvest drones. We did not put much effort on it because selling them was still a bit ”iffy” in summer before the law changes. Still we managed to get around 80kg of drones after they have been cleaned from wax. If we would really invest in drone harvesting i think we would get 1000-1500kg of it…I think drones can be same kind of side product to beekeeping as beeswax, propolis and pollen are or even bigger. Once you already have beehives it takes little to no effort to get them.

Read the full article at Bug Burger.


  1. This is so clever to combine products like that. Reminds me of an article I read that said bamboo caterpillars are difficult to farm, since they live in bamboo stalks, but there is possibility for someone to combine, to grow bamboo for wholesale and intentionally harvest the caterpillars as well, instead of just harvesting from the wild, as is usually done in SE Asia.


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