Utilizing Waste to Grow Insects for Animal Feed

It's all about the Black Soldier Fly.

French Firm Invests $18.5 Million USD in Black Soldier Fly Farm

The Black Soldier Fly has a very bright future, indeed.

What Does “Micro Farming” Insects Mean? By Cricket Man

There are no tractors involved in insect micro farming.

Sustainable Edible Insect Farming in Paradise

Sustainable cricket farming on the island of Kauai. By Cricket Man.

Self-Contained, Automated, Modular Cricket Farming System Announced

Cowboy Cricket Farms announces their self-contained, automated cricket farming unit.
Salmon Farm

Insects as Feed on a Salmon Farm

In the Netherlands, the Black Soldier Fly has become the sustainable alternative to fish feed...
Chinese Mealworm Farm

Chinese Mealworm Farm Produces 20 Tons Monthly

Largest mealworm farm in the world.
Palm Weevil Larvae

Farming Crickets, Mealworms, Palm Weevils, and Weaver Ants

Instructional video put out by the FAO of the UN and used in Africa.

Insects as Animal Feed

Insects as animal feed.