Our friend Anders Engstrom, who runs Bug Burger Blog over in Sweden, recently interviewed yours truly and this is the result.

“…It is my most favorite part of the podcast to write. I write it, produce it, perform all of the voices, edit it…I do everything. It is a message within a message for the show. It is not just ento-tainment filler. There is a very deep message within “As the Crickets Chirp” and “Night of the Frogs” and the other dramedy/parodies I do. Several messages, as a matter of fact…”

“…I have PTSD, and shortly after I started micro farming crickets, I found it had a therapeutic effect on me. I have been farming them ever since…”

“…I think it is important, when trying to spread an important message, to create an atmosphere of happiness and joy and yes…fun. When people are in a good mood, listening and enjoying, maybe laughing a little, they are more open to receive any message you may wish to impart…”

Click here to read the full article “Meet the Cricket Man-host of the podcast sensation: Ento Nation!” by Anders Engstrom for Bug Burger.


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