“A few of us were grossed out at first, but we’ve matured,” said eighth-grader Autumn Godard. “It’s definitely something you should try. My mind has changed a lot.”

The cricket project was student directed, with the class wanting a project connected to global warming. Alternative protein sources won by a class vote over projects that included building rain collection barrels and windmills. The students were specifically interested in alternatives to beef, which is a large producer of methane globally. The students also noted the beef production requires large amount of land and water, while crickets require minimal amounts of both. “Alternative proteins are way better for the environment than beef,” said eighth-grader Dylan Covington. “The food we made didn’t taste much different. If you don’t think about how you’re eating crickets, it’s a great way to get protein.”

Read the full article “Lafayette’s Angevine Middle students cook with crickets to showcase alternative protein sources” by Amy Bounds for Daily Camera.


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