Brooklyn Bugs - Coming to Manhattan! February 20th, Ms Yoo restaurant, NYC.

From the culinary artist and master Ento Chef Joseph Yoon, this is one event you do not want to miss. If you are in the NYC area, this is a must attend event.

From Chef Joseph Yoon:

Tuesday, February 20 at 7 PM – 10 PM EST

Ms Yoo – Korean Restaurant

163 Allen Street
New York, New York
(917) 261-2490

Brooklyn Bugs – a ten course insectual dinner

Greetings and welcome to the fun and delicious world of Brooklyn Bugs! After hosting numerous sold out events in Brooklyn, we are thrilled to make our debut in Manhattan with our wonderful partners at Ms Yoo.

Once again, we will be featuring a dynamic and whimsical menu featuring ten courses by Chef Joseph Yoon of Dinner Echo! We love introducing people to edible insects by pairing them with food that people will find appetizing and delicious. We are advocating for people to start incorporating insects into their diet–not to eat it exclusively.

Chef Joseph Yoon will introduce each dish and take time to answer questions that you may have regarding the dishes that he serves.

We are very happy that a portion of the proceeds will benefit the nonprofit Farms for Orphans, Inc. Their mission is to ensure orphaned & underprivileged children in developing countries have a sustainable source of nourishment & access to education by building the agricultural infrastructure needed to produce food & provide training in environmentally sound agricultural practices.

Scroll to the bottom to see the incredible menu!

Watch some videos of Chef Joseph in action:

New York Times Live on Facebook:

Tasting Bugs With Chef Joseph Yoon

Insects are everywhere, so why not on your dinner plate? Last weekend, tons of people in New York City attended Brooklyn Bugs, a culinary festival celebrating entomophagy (the eating of insects). We're with the chef Joseph Yoon, who organized the event, to try some tasty dishes with crickets, worms, ants and more, and to learn about the bug-eating movement in the United States. Comment with your questions, and NYT reporters Nicholas St. Fleur and Ken Chang will answer some.

Posted by The New York Times – Science on Friday, September 8, 2017

Gastronauts Dinner:

An Insectual Dinner by Brooklyn Bugs for the Gastronauts

We are thrilled to share the video of our eleven-course Insectual Dinner with the Gastronauts! Big thanks to our sponsors Entosense, Inc, Merci Mercado, Entomo Farms – The Future of Food, and Dinner Echo. Special thanks to our video partners Fusfoo. And a very special thanks to Hopewell for their music. Please enjoy!

Posted by Brooklyn Bugs on Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Special Thanks to our sponsors: Entosense, Entomo Farms, Merci Mercado, Wagner Vineyards Estate Winery, Dinner Echo.

We hope you can join us and look forward to seeing you!

Our very best,

Joseph Yoon
Brooklyn Bugs


Vespula Flaviceps – fluke crudo – korean pear

Manchurian Scorpions – lobster medallion – wonton crisp

Mealworm Popovers – Ant Butter

Chapulines – crab cake bites – chapulines aioli

Crickets – potato croquettes – habanero sauce

Black Ants – seared shrimp – avocado sauce

Cricket Crusted Fried Chicken Sliders

Silkworm Pupae – Cellophane Noodles

Mopane Worms – braised beef short ribs – basmati rice – pepper relish

Chapulines – Banana Nutella Wontons


  1. Happening on my birthday! I’m so excited, I’ve never had scorpions before! Never had mopane worms, either, but I read about them all the time.


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