Photo ©Gina Nolasco

Photo ©Gina Nolasco

We need as many pollinators as we can get, and you can help by creating habitat for pollinators in your own backyard.

He says that oaks, willows and cherries combined are trees that support about 1,400 insect species, including butterfly larvae, otherwise known as caterpillars. Butterfly caterpillars often have very specific plants they can feed on in order to live through its cycle of egg, larvae, pupa — otherwise known as chrysalis, and finally adult butterfly. Most of us know that the endangered monarch butterfly depends on the different species of milkweed plants as hosts where they can lay their eggs, so the larvae will have the proper food when the eggs hatch.

Click here to read the full article “Between the Rows: Creating environment for backyard butterflies” by The Greenfield Recorder.

All this in your own backyard talk has made me think of one of my favorite singers Billie Holiday. I just love me some Billie Holiday.


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