“As the Crickets Chirp” Season 1 / 6 Episodes

Part of the Ento Nation podcast is a little web drama series called “As the Crickets Chirp”. On the surface it’s just a simple fun parody of the old radio dramas. But in reality, it is a semi-autobiographical, multi-layered, metaphorical, allegorical, parody, plus heavy social commentary with hidden messages that the casual listener might miss.

Just like when you observe a city or town that you drive through, safe in your vehicle, windows up, seeing just the façade of an average, everyday community; the normal storefronts, the normal houses, the normal cars…it all seems so…normal…on the surface.

But what’s going on beneath the surface, behind closed doors, is so much more than you could ever possibly imagine.

The same can be said for the “As the Crickets Chirp” series. Listen carefully…and enjoy.

Episode 1 “Evil Twin Brother”

Episode 2 “The Bugfather”

Episode 3 “The Merry-Go-Round”

Episode 4 “The Ento Zone”

Episode 5 “Amnesiac”

Episode 6 “Pigedemonium”

I’d like to thank all of you who listen to the Ento Nation podcast, and to “As the Crickets Chirp”. ATCC is written, produced, and performed by Marc Sanchez aka The Cricket Man.

Season 2 of As the Crickets Chirp premieres in early 2018!




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