Courtesy Anders Engstrom, Bug Burger, Sweden.

Our friend Anders Engstrom of Bug Burger over there in Sweden has a neat chart and other stuff to help us all try and make sense out of what is legal and what is not in what countries in Europe.

From the Bug Burger article:

Here is a picture of the situation in Europe February 2018. The situation will probably remain throughout 2018. Early in 2019, we will see what insect species are approved for sale. Most likely later. As regards France’s status, there seems to be some uncertainty among companies.

Click here to read the full article “Is it legal to serve and sell insects in Sweden? Here are the answers!” by Anders Engstrom at Bug Burger.


  1. This is a super cool map. It’s a really interesting time for insects-as-food in Europe. It’s also interesting from a regional perspective. Eating insects isn’t so common in The USA or Europe, but because of these food regulations, I think, I see a lot more mealworm recipes in europe than USA. It seems USA is all about crickets. Or maybe it’s just availability, I’m not sure.


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